About Us

We are a small in-home breeder of Australian Labradoodles located in central Delaware.  In the Mid-Atlantic region, we are convenient to Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and a short drive from Virginia, D.C. or New York City.

We love animals and lead an active outdoor life.  We learned about Australian Labradoodles when we started our search for another family dog.  Since we already shared our home with three cats, we liked the idea of a dog with a low to no shedding coat.  Known for its intelligence and wonderful temperament, the Australian Labradoodle stood out!  At about the same time, we were looking for something new and rewarding to do as we transitioned into retirement.  Guess you could say we were bit by the Labradoodle love bug and Blackbird Labradoodles was born.

After an extensive search for an excellent foundation dog, we found Lizzy.  Her pedigree goes back to the bloodlines of the founders in Australia.  We thank Sunny at Berkshire Hills for Lizzy and for sharing her knowledge and love of Labradoodles with us.

We are committed to producing healthy, beautiful Labradoodles with the temperaments that they are known for.  We are dedicated to preserving the Australian Labradoodle for its original purpose, an allergy friendly, non shedding, therapy and companion dog.  We have pledged to always use sound breeding practices, and the highest standard of ethics.  We are excited to be a part of this developing breed.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions.

Louanne and Bruce